Living Trusts

What does a living trust from Senior Estate Associates LLC do for you?



Very simply, we can help you transfer ownership of your titled property from your individual name to a trust that you control. It is completely flexible, inexpensive, and easy to set up and maintain.










If you decide to keep a Will you will make some Attorney VERY HAPPY!


A one-time fee for Your Living Trust includes:
Pour Over Will: A safety net that ensures any asset not in the name of the Trust is included to be distributed
Trust transfer documents
Certification of Trust: for use in dealing with your bank, broker, insurance company and others
Living Will/Healthcare Directive
Durable Power of Attorney: authorizes your agent to manage your affairs and avoids Conservatorship/Guardianship
Medical Power of Attorney
Instructional materials for your trust and all documents contained in your portfolio

Let us provide you with a free consultation to determine how a Living Trust can benefit you and your family.


Who do you like better, your attorney or your family?

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