Estate Planning

You've spent your whole life saving for retirement and beyond. Make sure you haven't missed any opportunities to maximize your return and protect your estate from probate and taxes. If you're concerned about issues concerning Medicaid, nursing home care, and other issues related to transfer of assets, Senior Estate Associates Estate LLC Planning Services provide you with peace of mind and security in having a second opinion from experts in estate planning and Wealth Transfer.

Our estate planning services will help you:
- Reduce tax liability
- Provide ways to help your estate grow faster
- Help you put your estate in order for better peace of mind

We can eliminate the fear of the unknown. With a properly planned estate, we'll ensure that your needs are met while you're alive, and continue your wishes upon your death or incapacitation.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith are placing their money into a CD at 2% interest. They are in a 28% federal income tax bracket with state and local taxes of 3.5%, which when added together equals a 31.5% reduction in their yield due to taxes.

Senior Estate Associates LLC has several options to guarantee the positive growth of your money and guarantee your principal!

Thought..Why pay taxes on money you are not using?

"There is nothing sinister in so
arranging one's affairs as to
keep taxes as low as possible."

- Judge Learned Hand, 1947

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One of the most important parts of an Estate Plan is how efficiently it will pass to your heirs. What this means is how to protect what you worked so hard for, from being lost forever, due to the high cost of probate. A properly planned estate also avoids the agony and tears your heirs may go through during this lengthy, unpleasant (and unnecessary) process.

Most attorneys advise their clients to have a Will. Unfortunately, for most people who have an estate worth over $25,000 in Pennsylvania, this does not protect your estate from the high cost, agony, and delays of probate, conservatorship, or depletion!

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