We can show you how to protect your monies from total Medicaid Spend Down!


You've worked your whole life to save money for retirement and beyond. If your money is simply sitting in a CD and you are paying taxes on money you aren't even using, it may be time to call us.

At Senior Estate Associates LLC, we can help your money work for you with annuities that that will provide you with:
- More Income - rates of return 1-3% higher on average than CD's
- Less taxes - pay only when you use the money
- Peace of mind!

In many instances, the benefits of Annuities far outweigh the disadvantages of CD's. Call us for a free evaluation of your personal situation to see if annuities are the right choice for you.

CD's vs. Annuities
Certificate of Deposit Tax Deferred Annuity

(Can make SS Taxable)
Less Interest/Income
Early Withdrawal Penalties for Life
Distributed and Depleted through Probate
Subject to Medicaid Spend-down
No Free Withdrawals during Term
Usually NO hedge against inflation
No Lifetime Income guarantees

Triple Tax Deferred
Reducing Taxable Income!
Better Interest/Income
Declining Withdrawal Penalties Guaranteed*
Distribution without Probate or Depletion
NO Medicaid Spend-down (When annuitized)
FREE Withdrawals of 10%**
Potential hedge against inflation
Lifetime Income guarantees

* Not guaranteed by FDIC, but other strong guarantees apply up to $300,000 per account.
** We have several different programs, each with different options.
Contact us to see which program fits your needs best!

Annuities that Rise with the Stocks and Bond indexes...but won't EVER go down! How would you like an annuity that pays a return based on the gains in the stock or bond markets, but has a minimum guarantee of 2% gain? No matter what the market would go down to!

This type of annuity is getting to be the most popular options for many! Talk about the potential hedge against inflation! It is hard to beat an annuity that only goes up.

Annuities are an excellent alternative for money that you would like to protect from the losses possible in the stock or bond market! Never a down year!!! Guaranteed!!!

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