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If you or your loved one are worried about the settlement of an estate, we are here to protect your assets from those outside your family who want to profit from your hard-earned savings. We make sure your estate goes to your family or your heirs – not the government or the attorneys.


At Senior Estate Associates LLC, we take the guesswork out of settling your estate by putting control back in your hands. We have several options to show you depending on your situation and goals.

Who do you like better, your attorney or your family?

Hear from our Clients:

“I had SEA do all my Trusts and POAs.  They’ve shown me how to eliminate Probate and Attorney Fees.”
  – Toni D. –
“I’ve been with Senior Estate Associates for over 20 years.  They’ve always handled everything I’ve needed!”
  – Lee F. –
“They’re the best!  If you think you got a problem, SEA will take care of it – no more problem!”
  – Louie W. –

Our Key Services

We offer many kinds of Estate Planning, but we specialize in the following:

Living Trusts
Very simply, we can help you transfer ownership of your titled property from your individual name to a trust that you control. It is completely flexible, inexpensive, and easy to set up and maintain.

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You've worked your whole life to save money for retirement and beyond. If your money is simply sitting in a CD, and you are paying taxes on money you aren't even using - it may be time to call us.

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Estate Planning
You've spent your whole life saving for retirement and beyond. Make sure you haven't missed any opportunities to maximize your return and protect your estate from probate and taxes.

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