Living Trusts

What does a living trust from Senior Estate Associates LLC do for you?

Very simply, we can help you transfer ownership of your titled property from your individual name to a trust that you control. It is completely flexible, inexpensive and easy to set up and maintain.

Less cost. Peace of mind. Reduced stress.

The Senior Estate Associates LLC Living Trust Advantage:
– Avoids all probate and related costs
– Allows for quick distribution of assets to your beneficiaries
– Keeps you in control of your assets, even at incompetency or time of death

A one-time fee for Your Living Trust includes:
– Pour Over Will: A safety net that allows you to keep control
– Trust transfer documents
– Certification of Trust: for use in dealing with your bank, broker, insurance company and others
– Living Will/Healthcare Directive
– Durable Power of Attorney: authorizes your agent to manage your affairs and avoids Conservatorship/Guardianship
– Medical Power of Attorney
– Instructional materials for your trust and all documents contained in your portfolio

Let us provide you with a free consultation to determine how a Living Trust can benefit you and your family.

Who do you like better, your attorney or your family?